Executive Producer


Liesl was going to be a rich and successful lawyer, which was swiftly overruled after she interned at a film company in the US. Sure, criminals may walk free everyday because she became the film industry’s most kick ass producer,but behave
badly with her budget and you’ll be in contempt before anyone calls “cut!” Based on the successes delivered for an impressive list of clients – and a cabinet collapsing under the weight of D&ADs, several Loeries, Vuka awards and more – the folks at Harvard bestowed her with their Honorary Masters Degree in Awesome. It’s in the mail, for realsies.

There are Cannes Lion awards and an Oscar or three on the horizon, and yes – your briefs are still admissible. Here’s the catch: hard work like hers comes with a warrant for lunch. Why? Probable cause. Awesome like this has gotsta eat! So How many should we book for?