Rajay is a Director who really understands commercials – inside and out! Arriving on set in 1997 as an odd boy, Rajay got to know the business intimately, quickly becoming coordinator, then line producer, producer and Assistant Director before being asked by an agency friend in 2006 to direct an ad for a large telco client. Since then he’s never looked back – unless it’s through a viewfinder. With a solid foundation in production and a strong talent for visual story telling, it’s no surprise Rajay was soon filling his trophy cabinet with multiple awards from Cannes, AdFest, Spikes and Kancil, and shooting in locations as diverse as the U.S., Tanzania, India and Japan. Constantly pushing the production design, lighting and styling envelopes, Rajay works every idea and script tirelessly until it satisfies his extremely high demands for perfection and his passion for nailing the message – while sparking the emotions of target audiences in every TVC he shoots. Well travelled, well versed in directing, and now … well, a Spitfire on a mission. See what magic he can spark in your next board!