South Africa has much to offer: Breathtaking landscapes, Diversity in climate, culture, infrastructure, fauna and flora, languages and people. An extremely favourable currency exchange rate means budgets go a whole lot further than anywhere else.
All of which makes South Africa an exceptional destination for Films, Documentaries, and Commercials. So instead of “Why film in South Africa?”, perhaps the question should be, “What are you waiting for?”
As one of the 20 most-traded currencies in the world, the value of the South African Rand (ZAR) tends to fluctuate month by month, but almost always to the benefit of major currencies especially US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, as well as the Australian and Canadian Dollars. Currently, for example, the ZAR rate to the USD is between R13 and R14, while to the Euro it’s between R14 and R15.*

Which along with all of the other benefits of shooting in South Africa, helps to stretch producers’ budget like few on earth. It just makes perfect sense.
*Illustrative rates only. Please check with your bank or Forex trader for the latest exchange rates.