Tall dark and handsome, loves long walks on the beach and a good book… wait no, that’s a lie… for another website.
Que the montage: A year of psychology, A year of photography and a year of one-handed driving of the gear van over the windy hills of Cape Town whilst juggling 20 coffee orders… and boom we’re in London working on Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire as a photographic assistant. Another year, a ten-hour flight and some sleeping tablets later and we’re back in South Africa shooting fashion for magazines too many to mention… that is until film caught his eye. His fashion film with ELLE magazine was Officially Selected at the Mercedes Benz International Fashion Film Bokeh and subsequently went to take a bite out of “The Big Apple” to shoot New York Fashion Week. Twice. Shooting some portraits whilst there and racking up a few names to drop… well… I suppose this does go here; Tom Ford, Kendell Jenner, will.i.am, Danny Boyle to name a few. After many years of sleepless nights working and learning he now sits with a self-taught skillset that rivals Chuck Norris’s Swiss army knife. He has been, and still is a Stills Photographer, Director of Photography, Editor, Colourist and most importantly… Director. Sure, that’s cheeky, but be certain that whatever project he takes on will have his eyes oversee-ing everything in detail, and his mouth speaking all the right technical lingo.